Next Level of Image Search

Now we all know the basic usage of a search engines, search with a given text and the results are revealed in multiple formats of which websites and images are most sought after.

Then comes the concept of having an image and then being able to search based on the image this is where Tinyeye , Google Goggles, the basic Google Image search and few others have come up with a few variants of applications.

Now being able to search a text within an image is the next level we are talking about here, as this increases the amount of searchable content drastically.

I use Microsoft OneNote a lot, and this has the feature of extracting the text from a given image which is really helpful at times, here is an illustration:


With this capability, OneNote and the other famous note taking application which is Evernote both have already enabled their search so it can actually pick up the text within the image an example of this is shown here:



And the latest news is that of Google also joining the race by providing the same feature for their files in Google drive by updating their note application Google Keep . And in my opinion the software is definitely faster than the others, but this does not highlight the result text in the image, which could be a pain if the image has a lot of text !!




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