Virtual Tourism !

How many of you have checked out the Night Walk application from Google? If you have not, then check it out before reading further.

This is the latest and most impressive experiments from Google, which takes the concept of maps to a whole new level. The current version of made available for the city Marseille in France and on a beautiful evening. If you have seen it then you know the possibilities and features. If you have not just try it once…

For me the cool part is that it is a nice and decent enough experience giving me a feel of being in the city with the visuals and the sounds, considering the fact that I am just staring at my laptop screen !

Now it would be interesting to see what they plan to do with it. I see a lot of business potential for such a thing, considering advertisement is the one of the main revenue generators for Google, this could take advertising to a whole new level with a different experience altogether.

But can they do this for every city? If they do then can start a concept of virtual tourism which will compete with actual tourism industry? I feel this would take sometime before we see such drastic changes here.

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