Augmentation of Customer experience with Technology

In 2013 Disney introduced MagicBands in their theme parks.

The Technology: The band is RFID enabled and also functions as a ticket and completely linked with the online ‘my-disney-experience’, which stores the personal information, preferences and much more.

The Possibilities: Now this being bundled with features allowing this to be a wallet, room key, ticket, passes etc. there is no need to carry all this in your pocket when everything can be done with just a swipe.

The Customer experience: With just the above the possibilities are only limited by imagination. But the experience can be personalized that would lead to unmatched delight and loyalty from the customer base. Here are a few illustrations:

  • A little girl enters the park and her favourite Disney character greets her by name . If its her birthday the character will wish her too. Imagine the smile on the little girls face 🙂
  • The gift shop attendant shows the little girl where her favourite character’s replicas/dolls are kept. (increased sales !!)
  • Parents just swipe the band for payment (credit card information stored, reducing customer effort).
  • They get notifications telling that the line for their favourite ride is moving now. (leading to increased satisfaction)

This here is the perfect example of convergence of big data, mobile, personalization leading to superior customer experience and hence increasing the loyalty and the customer lifetime value from increased sales.

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