What’s a brand worth?

Interbrand is very well renowned for their ability to create and manage brands as key assets. They also evaluate the most valued brands every year and for those who have not seen this here is the list of the top 5 brands (remember, these are not valuation of the company on the whole but the valuation of just the BRAND)

  1. Apple @$98,316 million
  2. Google @$93,291 million
  3. Coca Cola @$79,213 million
  4. IBM @$78,808 million
  5. Microsoft @$59,546 million

You can find the entire top 100 list on their website. Apple and Google have had a very steep increase in their brand value since 2012, 28% and 34% respectively.

Now how do you go about valuing a brand, Interbrand has put up their entire methodology also on their website, but the below video gives a glimpse into their process.

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