Do you know when or what is World Peace Day?

The International Day of Peace also unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed on 21 September annually . Dedicated to world peace, specifically the absence of war and violence,  is at times occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in an active combat zone to allow humanitarian aid access. But many of us living in non-war... Continue Reading →

Evolution and Future of Delivery [Infographic]

Many believed that SCM or mainly Delivery had come to a stand still and the only thing that can improve this was if someone invented 'teleportation'. But DRONES for delivery, that is something cool! The Great Evolution of Deliveries via Endicia Featured image credits: Edited by Aircraft photo by bribri/ CC BY/Marker-ed Drone photo by... Continue Reading →

The Remote Desktop Battle

Chrome Remote Desktop always allowed us to remotely access our machine from another laptop or PC easily. Now this is possible via our Android Smartphone or Tablet.  This service is free to use especially compared to the costly tool called Parallels Access. You can get started by enabling your Windows PC or Mac machine with remote access with the Chrome Web Store... Continue Reading →

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