Chinese government reportedly puts kibosh on Windows 8


The Chinese government has banned the use of Windows 8 by its users, according to a Reuters report. The decision by the government’s central buying authority to nix Windows 8 was announced as part of an energy-saving campaign, although no other details were forthcoming. Windows 8’s predecessor, Windows XP, was popular in China, but Microsoft(s msft) recently ended support of that version  on April 8.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 start screenReuters also cited a Xinhua report that security issues were another factor in the government’s decision.

Another account of the decision, from Industry Leaders Magazine, reiterated that and quoted a statement from Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of the National Copyright Administration who said:

“Security problems could arise because of a lack of technical support after Microsoft stopped providing services, making computers with XP vulnerable to hackers … Windows 8 is fairly expensive and will increase government procurement costs.”

He added that the government was negotiating with Microsoft…

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