Presenting the all new Google+ Stories and Google+ Movies

Have you ever been on a vacation, taken millions of photos and then decided to create a cool blog or album and finally did nothing finally. Google has now launched a couple of new services to help you with this, Google+ Stories and Google+ Movies. As they say

“No more sifting through photos for your best shots, racking your brain for the sights you saw, or letting your videos collect virtual dust. We’ll just gift you a story after you get home. This way you can relive your favorite moments, share them with others, and remember why you traveled in the first place.”

So you want to start using this, then back up your photos and videos to your Google+ account and that’s it.  They have a tool, that starts working in the background and you’ll get notified when the story or movie is ready. There are a few examples in this Google post and also show in the video below:

As you see, its not much and its rather crude, but hey be positive, its just the 1st version, and I am sure it will get better and more beautiful soon.



Featured image credits:
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Photo by bowery/ CC BY/ Grayscale, Paintbrush


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