WhatsApp Founder pissed off with Apple.


posted via howwetech.com

Jan Koum, the CEO and also the co-founder of WhatsApp, was not a very happy customer after Apple’s Developers Conference(Apple WWDC 2014) on 2/June/14. His tweet, that include highlighting the words “borrow” and also sarcastically calling this “innovation” shows how annoyed he was from the Apple’s Messaging UI.

From the official iOS 8 feature list apple has showcased various features like “Embedding/Inserting an audio/video clip the the message” , “Delivery Status” , “touch to record your voice and send the same audio”,”Managing group chats” , which are very similar to the one’s used in Whatsapp.

peter apple

source : apple.com

This is not the first time, even in the past Apple has been accused many times to borrowing/copying features by big brands like

  • Android(at the launch of iOS 5 & iOS 7)
  • OS gaint Microsoft(eg Path Bar, Navigation Bar, System Preferences etc)
  • Samsung(the famous 1B “5 cent coins”dollar story)
  • Sony (while designing the first generation iPhone)

Despite of all the blame games Apple still hold among the top brand names and we are sure there will be a huge pre-order like for iPhone 6 (planned to contain iOS 8).


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