Interactive Marketing – What, Why, How?

Interactive marketing is content marketing on steroids. When creating great content you are expecting it to invoke emotions and hence leading to the desired action from the viewers of the content.

Good Content is Better Marketing

But with interactive marketing you are watching this as this happens and you could also control the emotional journey of your customers and maybe even change their expected behaviour. Sounds too weird or too good to be true? Let me explain..

Making it Viral

One of the buzz words everyone talks about in marketing is making something viral, but what is viral? Simply put, it makes people want to talk about something more than usual and this talk spreads like wild fire, suddenly everyone is just talking about this. In internet terms this means more likes and shares on Facebook or re-tweets and favourites’ on Twitter … getting it !! But in reality most of what goes viral is not because of the social media it because people talk to others about their experiences on a daily basis ( no really!! people still talk to others outside social media).

There have been a lot of companies who were already successful viral content creators before Facebook was started right!?

Emotions, Emotions

One of the key things in everything that goes viral is the emotion which the content evokes in you. Remember the cute cat videos which made you go awwww! or the  Gangnam style video which made you feel happy, made you laugh and also confused you so much that you had to share it with someone else. And then after sharing it you still spoke about it literally everyday .. No wonder the latter has over 2 billion views on Youtube.

Once upon a time!

You made it viral by adding a ton of emotions, but then you also want people to remember the message or the brand . It should not just be an one off share or talk but you want them to do this a lot. The key to this is making a story. If you think about it anything and everything that has been passed down from our ancestors is via stories, cause we humans tend to remember stories better.  Now imagine you are made a character in a story, will you ever forget it!!

Interactive + Content Marketing

Now what can you make which can make you emotional (in a nice way!) and also make you a character in a story. That is what interactive marketing  can do. Below I have given a few videos which show how successful they can be. All of them make the people interacting so excited and happy. All of them make the people interacting as the central character and you are giving them a story to tell their friends and family who in turn will remember the story so well and will tell it to more people.  Isn’t that what going viral is ?! Some of them also include aspects of gamification into this which makes the interaction that much more engaging and exciting.

Ok enough talk! Check out these videos..

How far will you go for Fantastic Delites?

Polar Cell Phone Nullifier

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