When to advertise what? OR the Art of Association

Do advertisements persuade you enough to buy a product? Not all advertisements translate into purchase, especially TV ads because you are sitting at home when watching it and there is no way to buy it then and there. So the key goals for ads is to maintain ‘top of mind’ , so when you actually  go for the purchase you remember the product shown on TV and that is why the same ad keeps repeating .

But another way(other than repetition) of remembering the ad is association with an occasion, event, festival , emotion etc. Hence some companies produce a new ads especially for a particular time, and is also aired during the same period.

We marketers try to associate a brand with something that you stumble upon every other day or something more close to your heart.

One example is Coca-Cola, where they have created the entire marketing strategy by associating with the brightest and best of emotions ‘Happiness‘ with their OPEN HAPPINESS marketing campaign.

Do you remember the viral ‘Friday’ song?  Though the reason for it becoming viral was different .. ok, lets not get into that . The YouTube analysis of the video revealed that it was getting more views every Friday, because the day made people think of this song !

Here are a few other examples of association:

– How can a soap be advertised during Halloween? LUX- Save your skin did it:

– Will you think of Benz the next time you see a chicken? After watching this you will, this is not really an association in a true aspect ,but it would be the first thing you will think  off when you think of a car.

Can you think of any more?

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