The Lean Startup

This book has influenced me the most, personally in shaping my mindset and also in all my intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship related initiatives.

MY LEARNING from the book:

1-STRUCTURE-FOCUS: You can’t just have an idea and expect things to fall in place. As a startup founder you need to be persistent, resilient and focused. to get from your vision then to strategy and ideas and put in the right planning and hard work to make it happen.

2-ASSUME-EXPERIMENT-LEARN. When you have an idea it’s filled with assumptions, cause we want to feel we have a good idea that will be a great success. It’s important to break it down, identify these assumptions, then conduct experiments to validate these assumptions and then learn from it, and put the learning to improve your startup.

3-TEST-MEASURE-IMPROVE. You need to start with that fact that you can never have a perfect product. So you need to build an MVP as soon as possible and start getting feedback. Then you measure the progress and use innovation accounting. Then you incorporate changes in your product and startup to improve.

4-FOCUS ON GROWTH. You need to keep growing your customer base in-order to have sustained success and revenue. So you need to focus on creatively marketing and maybe even advertising to grow your customer base.

5-ADAPT-INNOVATE. You need to enable your employees to be able to cope with the changing conditions, so that you build an adaptive organization. This also means fostering innovation via intrapreneurship, so that your startup too is constantly innovating by depending on its employees and not on you alone.

If you have any connection to corporate, business or startup I would strongly recommend you to read this book. This will help shape they way you look at any organization.

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