Power of persuasion and how this works, if that’s something that interests you, then this is the book for you. It’s a great set of tools if you are in marketing or sales, and if you are a consumer, then it’s good to know how your psychology is used for or against you when making a purchase.

MY LEARNING from the book:

1-REASON: We humans need to know why? So we always need a reason to do anything. So the next time you want to ask for anything provide a good reason for that ask.

2-The Reciprocity Principle, we people don’t like being indebted to anyone cause it makes us uncomfortable. Hence we feel subconsciously forced to return favors and balance this equation. This is a powerful tool used by marketers making it hard for you to refuse what they are selling.

3-Commitment is a natural occurrence in our mind and we like to behave consistently with the commitments we have made to our self and others, especially when given them your word. These result in us finding it arduous to change our mind on a decision we have already made.

4-SOCIAL PROOF, pushes us to heard mentality, cause we mold our behavior depending on how people react. in Marketing, the adjective used in sales is to get you to thing you are missing something others like …Example – ‘Fastest moving Car of the year’

5-Likabelity. The probability of being influenced is higher is we like the person. This is a tactic used by sales executives, and also we tend to like people who are similar to us and who are more cooperative.

6-AUthority. We subconsciously feel obliged to listen and follow people in authoritative positions, like your CEO, politicians etc. And this is used by marketers when they leverage on a celebrity for their campaigns.

7-Scarcity. This is simple supply demand at play, and apparently out subconscious mind is already an expert in economics. So when we see something has less supply, we tend to think we need to have it else we’ll miss out on it. This is psychology behind all LIMITED TIME offers, cause we crave for rare things.

If you are in marketing, business or sales, i would strongly recommend you to read this book, which details out these topics really well.

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