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You all know that, customers need, a software company to continuously deliver integrated innovation. The challenge for most of us development teams, in making this happen, is the range of our products, duplicate components and resource crunch.

What is InnerSource?

Innersource, we feel is that silver bullet that solves the above challenges

It is basically applying open source methodologies within our firewall, and still maintaining our IP., implying, that anyone within your company can contribute to any product! . I know this sounds radical, but don’t you agree that this would be awesome..

This would not only increase reuse of development components but also make them better. As a global organization with several lines of business,  InnerSource process would add transparency, increase trust and reduce siloed thinking, by enabling a culture of collaboration across the company.

InnerSource Discovery Portal

To aid with discovery process of innersourced projects within an organization, we built and open-sourced a portal.

You can find the portal here:, and we presented the same at the InnerSource Commons Summit in the Fall of 2020, below is our session:

The portal has been featured in multiple github blogs such as:

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