Appreciation from Government

Working against time during the peak of the pandemic, I created and led a product team of 40 product manager, data scientists, architects and developers and an ecosystem of corporates, universities, startups, NGOs, and developers to build, I am humbled by the fact that this product helped over a million citizens. And for this... Continue Reading →

Overview of Initiatives

I have focused on 3 key areas in my leadership roles: Driving Product Innovation, by increasing patents, thought leadership, developing key products and with strategic initiatives such as Intrapreneurship, Startup Accelerator, Startup School, InnerSource, I build and enable our employees to build, world class innovative products, leveraging the best and latest technology and ensuring the... Continue Reading →

InnerSource – Discovery Portal

You all know that, customers need, a software company to continuously deliver integrated innovation. The challenge for most of us development teams, in making this happen, is the range of our products, duplicate components and resource crunch. What is InnerSource? Innersource, we feel is that silver bullet that solves the above challenges It is basically... Continue Reading →

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