Startup School

Over the last decade I have met and mentored over a thousand entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. During this course, I have tried to nurture their ideas and business models to help them succeed, but also stumbled upon the realization that many such passionate entrepreneurs need as much help and guidance as possible from anyone who can offer this.

This has made me realize that we need to educate the mass audience on what it means to be an entrepreneur and what it takes to build a startup from scratch. Hence based on my experience, I am curating a curriculum which may help you get from zero to one.

Being from the Product and Innovation field, which has a strong overlap between software, technology and business, the content may be skewed towards these topics, but that is where I am willing to learn from you, and I want you to suggest or share any great content , which you feel will augment the benefits to the audience.

With that, here is a brief table of contents which I would be addressing in this curriculum:

Content Sections: 

  1. Zero to Idea 
    • Understand the Problem
    • Ideation 101
    • Business Model Innovation
  2. Idea to Reality
    • Assumptions and Hypothesis
    • Experimentation
    • Validation
  3. Reality to Solution
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Market Sizing
  4. Solution to Build
    • Team – Makes or Breaks
    • Product
  5. Build to Business
    • Strategy – Planning and Implementation
    • Business Model Canvas
  6. Business to Launch
    • Pricing
    • Marketing 
    • Growth Hacking 
  7. Launch to Startup
    • Pitching
    • Funding
    • VC outreach!

This flow will keep changing, as I learn more and start building this. And as it may take time to finish all the content, I want to practice what I preach and start putting up content as I create, (experimentation is the mantra for startups) and improve it based on your feedback.

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